We protect BRANDS and END USERS
from fraud and counterfeit



With a simple Code protect your products from counterfeiting. You can also identify your employees to the customer.

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Your company generates free Authenticity Codes or payments with our Licensed software.
More effective than a hologram.

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You independently generate the encrypted Authenticity Codes. We do not have access to your passwords.

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SAFETY at a click

Trade in counterfeit goods accounts for 3.3% of world trade, and is increasing.

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Everyone is connected and has the tools to prevent fraud.

A simple code breaks the chain of impersonation and forgery, giving more confidence to your customers. Our AUTHENTICITY CODES:

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• Verify people and products
• Alert the customer
• Provide recommendations
• Are low cost
Write to us and we will send you an active Authenticity Code for you to rehearse use.
Send me the Code.

The intelligent and simple solution that prevents counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is infringement against intellectual property, it is illegal and it is increasing. The costs of counterfeit goods worldwide are estimated to exceed $1.5 trillion by 2022. The most recognized brands in the world suffer from illegal copies, in economic sectors such as: electronics, watches, jewelry, liquors, clothing, medicines, accessories, food, vehicle parts, ticket sales, dietary supplements, vitamins, among others.
In a world full of deceptive products, buyers need security when buying. Add the Authenticity Codes to your products::

TOKEN - Technological Platform

At CHECK TRUE we work to offer your company a tool that generates more confidence to buyers and users. Add an Authenticity Code to your product with our:


We handle security between your company and ours. In just two steps, we will verify that you are the owner or representative of the Brand.
STEP 1: Copy the TOKEN and upload it to the website of the product or company.
STEP 2: Escríbanos al siguiente MAIL and let us know where the TOKEN is located.
As soon as we get the link, we will send you all our confidential information.

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We protect BRANDS and END USERS from fraud and counterfeit


Add our Codes to your products, verify your Authenticity from your website or use one of our domains.

AuthorizedTicket.com CheckTrue.org OriginalLiquor.com VerifyOriginal.com


Our DEMO interface to generate Authenticity Codes.

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Scan QR codes while offline.

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Encrypt and decode text messages.

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