We protect BRANDS and CLIENTS
from fraudsters and counterfeiters

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  • A tool of the future to prevent the counterfeiting of MARCAS and give the client more confidence.

    Providing a document to the buyer facilitates the transaction process because it guarantees the buyer that the product is 100% original. Our Certificates deliver information and recommendations to the buyer.

  • A novel tool to break the chain of fraud and counterfeiting and thus give more confidence to their clients.

    Attach your code to your products and the platform will verify it. Our code works as an electronic signature. Done deal!

  • Build more confidence

    AUTHENTICITY CODES are a way to build customer confidence and avoid counterfeiting.


You are the owner of the platform where you generate AUTHENTICITY CODES and access their statistics. We do not have access to them, because they are encrypted.

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Among our entire range of products, we have a new method: pay only for verified Codes (PPC: Pay Per Click). Our AUTHENTICITY CODES range from U$D 0.005.

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We also have an incentive plan so that your client, in addition to verifying the authenticity of the product, wins. This makes those who falsify, no longer want to do it.

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The planet is connected and can send us information to avoid the scam

A novel tool to break the chain of fraud and counterfeiting and thus give more confidence to their clients.

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"It is very helpful that AUTHENTICITY CODES deliver information and recommendations to the buyer."

It is suggested to the manufacturer to use the alphanumeric code (use DEMO):

TRUE: mwtry128
TRUE VR: 55555

FALSE: mwtry12x

You can also use QR codes*. Unfortunately they occupy more area in the certificate and not all customers want to install a reader on their device:

*QR CODE ® es una marca registrada de DENSO WAVE INCORPORATE

Counterfeit product sales affect revenues and customers

Counterfeiting is the infringement against intellectual property, it is illegal and it is increasing. It is estimated that the costs of counterfeiting products worldwide will exceed US $ 1.5 trillion by 2022. The most recognized brands in the world suffer from illegal copies, in economic sectors, such as: electronics, watchmaking, jewelry, liquor, clothing, medicines, accessories, food, vehicle parts, ticketing, Dietary supplements, vitamins, among others.

Trust between your Company and Us

We handle the confidentiality between your company and ours, verifying the following requirements:
1. Download the html file and fill in the information requested there.
2. Upload the HTML to your domain. This way we will know that your company owns the brand.
Immediately we will send you all our confidential information: detailed rates, quotation table, platform codes, telephones, among others.
That easy!

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